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Gautam Mahajan Founding Editor

The entire Editoral Staff of the Journal of Creating Value and all our Board of Directors are very excited about creating a formal journal on the important topic of creating customer value.

We see customer value creation as spanning many facets of organizational behavior and we believe the journal will look at all the dynamics required by companies and organizations that will deliver value for the business, the employee and the customer. This holistic approach is what is needed to truly bring around transformational change and create real value.

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February 2015
Our Mission is to Enable Customer Value

To make the customer the center of a company's focus through alignment of strategy and culture designed to create customer value.

CVCI is a nonprofit devoted to the advancement of companies and organizations to transform their organizations and have a customer centric management practices by creating value for their customers. Meanwhile, independently providing CVCI events and activities will help to share ideas for business management and professionals around the world. (website, contact address).

The Journal of Value Creation is proud to be a part of CVCI. The Journal of Creating Value and CVCI are both dedicated to work together and complement each other to create awareness through CVCI events, activities and member services.

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May 2015 Release
The expected release of the first issue of the Journal of Creating Value is scheduled for May 2015. The journal is being published by Sage Publications one of the global journal publishing leaders.

First Issue of JCV Published

May 15, 2015, Sage Publishing has published the first issue of the Journal of Creating Value. This is a milestone event undertaken by Gautam Mahajan and his Editors, Reviewers and Board of Advisors.

"Value is what something is worth to the customer. Value creation is therefore a necessary step for management transformation to customer orientation. Value creation is executing proactive, conscious, inspired and imaginative actions that create better gains or value for customers and all stakeholders. Gautam Mahajan"

You can purchase this journal or individual articles and also see a free abstract of the articles at the Sage website..

What you can find in this first issue?

Customer Value: The Start
The Right Choice - What Does It Mean? Groundbreaking Research from the Early Days of Customer Value Management (R.E. Kordupleski and W.C.Vogel, Jr.)

What is Value Creation About?
Just Follow the Yellow Brick Road: A Manager's Guide to Implementing Value Creation in Your Organization (Moshe Davidow)

Value Creation and Society/Government

What is the Value of an Address? (Scott Prescott)
Making Engagement Worth It: Measuring and Managing How Entrepreneurs Exchange Value with Their Community ( Laura Blomquist and Spencer Imel)

Value Creation in Markets

Brain Waves Predict Success of New Fashion Products: A practical Application for the Footwear Retailing Industry (Davide Baldo, Hirak Parikh, Yvonne Piu, and Kai-Markus Muller)
Value Creation in International Physical Retailing (Werner Reinatz and Monika Kauferle)
What Value Does the Pharmaceutical Industry Bring to Health Care? (David Laws)

Value Creation and Customers
Value Promise versus Value Delivery (Ajit Rao)
Powered by Customers: Relationship Is Key to Surviving 100 Years in Business (Douglas Morse)
Strategic Customer Brand-bonding: Building Personalized Value and Loyal Behaviour through Obsessive Focus, Disicipline, and Innovative and Engaging Communications ( Michael Lowenstein)
Service Integrated Relationships (SIR): A Strategic Process Framework for Managing the Customer as a Resource (Olaf Hermans)
Boundary Risk and What It Means for Value Creation (Andrew Rudin)

Interview with an SME Company on Innovation and Value Creation: (Zane Cycles)
Interview with Dr. Jagdish Sheth: Author of Several Books and Papers, and the Recent Book, The Accidental Scholar

Six of the Best Books on Customer Value Creation (David Pinder)

Customer Value Creation International

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Purpose of the Journal of Creating Value

The Journal of Creating Value will inspire executives and business leaders to generate increased value for customers driving success for the organization and its stakeholders.

Interrelated issues are:

  • Organizations include corporations, government, education and NGO’s etc,
  • What is Value and how to increase it
  • Measure and use Value to increase profits
  • Employee Value (engagement) powers customer value, for example by improving
  • customer experience
  • Customer value drives shareholder value by increasing loyalty and market share
  • Executives get value when their company prospers
  • Emotions, and psychic factors in Value perception
  • Value through innovation, knowledge, technology, product development, people and skills improvement etc.
  • Values create Value
  • Values and Society
  • Value Creation in Education: Value Creation courses and faculty development
  • Setting up Value Creation Centres
  • Value Creation and serving people and our planet, in ethical, innovative and sustainable ways
  • To get organizations, governments and B schools and educators to think beyond administration, efficiency, corporate capitalism and profits and modify the role of a organization and an executive to create value for the employee, the customer, the partners, the suppliers and unions, the shareholders and society by incorporating corporate consciousness
  • Value creation is the basis and the objective of all human activity

What is Value Creation?
Value Creation is a distinctive mind-set. It is a mentality driven by enhanced self-esteem, awareness and pro-activeness. It goes beyond just doing your job, it is doing something extra.

Value Creation is executing proactive, imaginative or inspired actions that increase the net worth of products, services or an entire business to create better gains or value for Customers, stakeholders and shareholders. Value Creation stimulates executives and business leaders to generate improved value for Customers, driving success for the organization and its stakeholders.

Value Creation creates Customer conscious companies:
Customer and Employee Value Creation energizes business leaders to drive stakeholder and organizational success